Love’s Labour’s Lost

It’s widely known that the economy of our green and pleasant land is not at its healthiest right now. Many have found it helpful to look back to other such periods in our history and examine the actions previous governments took to restore our economic strength, and to determine whether such a course of action might be appropriate today.

I am only to happy to assist this process with a suggestion of my own.

In the early nineties, one entrepreneuring couple created a small start-up business which quickly grew to provide regular employment for their friends and family. Before long, their operations expanded, even breaking into foreign markets.

Sadly, as is often the way, the two parted company to set up their own firms, but not before facilitating further partnerships among their clientele. There have been some attempts to reunite the partnership, across franchises and remote working, but unfortunately these have failed to have the same impact as earlier ventures.

But it is thanks their efforts, that a whole generation of graduates was able to find work, and what this country needs right now is a revival of those efforts. I would implore the government to get behind small, family-owned businesses such as these, and remind previous visionaries that being involved in the creation and marketing of such an illustrious industry is nothing to be embarrassed about.