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Welcome to the Future!

Look, I get it. Everyone's at it, with our cross-device, touch-friendly, beautifully responsive corners of the web. I design this stuff, then later I use it, and inevitably see someone do it better than me. We live and learn.

But right now this website is little more than an archive of gap year diaries, interspersed with once-relevant posts about UX and Britpop. (Posts about Britpop are always relevant.) Please understand: I don't live here any more. The rest of this site is a relic and I make no apologies.

If you want old me, please feel free to click through, ugly as it is. If you want new me, read on.

Kathryn is posting nonsense to:

...and a few other places I'm not going to tell you about.

Blimey, did you actually want something?

I'm all about UX, writing and having fun. Hopefully we'll get along.

To find out more about hiring me, harass me on social media or try mail@kathrynhegarty.info.

OK, bye!